Team Introduction
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Ricky Zhang--Procurement Director

In March,2010, Mr.Ricky Zhang started working for a stone trading company in Jinjiang, Fujian, which has a stone processing plant in Dubai. Business scope of the trading company covers processing and selling of granite and marble products. His job was offering quotation for the Dubai plant and acting as a procurement man here in China, and in the meantime helping with the export of stone products for the trading company. He is been in stone trading business for over 6 years so far.

James Tsai--Procurment Manager

Ever since October,2006, he has been working in Zhichengstone Co., Ltd, whose business mainly covers granite products, including granite tiles, slabs, countertops, handcrafts, etc. He's acquired a lot of experience and very familiar management of stone processing. What's more, he speaks fluent English! 


Dick Chen--Procurment Manager

He has been in line of stone business for over 5 years. He joined a stone trading company in Xiamen in 2011. And he is now an experienced stone purchaser and very familiar with prices of various kinds of stone products.

Peter Chen--Procurment Manager

He's been in stone business for over 6 years. He has been working in a big marble company in Shuitou, Fujian since 2010. Previously he was mainly in charge of procurement of raw stone blocks in India, Turkey and Germany. He speaks fluent English.



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